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Our wood products company is located in the northern Chiemgau, the heart of Bavaria.

We have made the professional production and the profitable trade, with different articles from wood, around house and garden, with our shop to the task.

All our products are mainly handmade, sustainable, high quality and environmentally conscious. We stand for high quality products and the careful treatment of our nature.





Oak, pine, spruce wood, untreated


Cross “Flat”


Oak, larch, spruce wood, untreated,

Handmade in Bavaria


Wood Easter egg


Hand-painted, with eyelet. Motif not selectable.

Handmade in Bavaria




Ratchet or slide also known as string or rattle, is a wooden noise and effect instrument. In the past, begging musicians used to wander the streets with a buzzer, from which the term "scrounger" (Yiddish: שנאָרער) was derived. They were once also used for garbage collection in Amsterdam. Even the city night watchmen used to have a ratchet or purr as an alarm signal

Handmade in Bavaria

Larch wood, with two chambers for different types of feed. The upper half of the house can be tilted for filling will be. The roof can be opened for filling.

Handmade in Bavaria

Larch and spruce wood, painted.

Handmade in Bavaria

Larch spruce wood, untreated. The upper half of the House can be tilted for filling.

Handpainted in Bavaria


Jewelry Box


Pine wood

Handmade in Bavaria




Alder or larch wood, untreated